After choosing your stove you will want to think about what finish you are wanting to achieve for both the hearth which the stove will sit on and the chamber which surrounds it.


  • The most popular and most often cost effective option is to have a traditional Indian stone hearth which comes in a choice of 3 colours: Black, Grey and Brown
  • If you prefer a more contemporary look then granite may be a suitable option.
  • Alternatively the hearth can be tiled using porcelain tiles of your choice. Wether they are plain or patterned, a tiled hearth can really add character to your room and create an interesting focal point.


  • If you are trying to keep costs down, and like the idea of a smooth finish inside the chamber then a simple fireproof lining would be perfect which you can paint to either match your decor or a lighter colour to highlight your stove.
  • On some occasions when we open up the chamber we reveal brick which when cleaned up looks great, if your property is older or if it has suffered problems in the past such as damp but you still would like to achieve the look of brick then brick slips are a great choice
  • If either of the above choices are not to your taste then take a look below at some of the other chamber linings we offer:

Gallery Collection

Take a look at this brochure for more ideas! if we can help with anything, just ask !